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A luxurious, handmade spirit with 40.8 % vol. alcohol, with fine notes of citrus, apple and other fruits, and the piquant, aromatic finish of fresh ginger. INGVERIT is produced in a small family business in Zurich, Switzerland.


INGVERIT was conceived and forged by the experimental physicist Evgeni Sorkine during a particularly cold winter in Russia at the turn of the century, while working in his laboratory on novel types of amorphous non-crystalline metals. During nights, Dr. Sorkine experimented with the purest Russian vodka, opulent aromas of ginger, honey and citrus fruit, and violent gravitational forces to tame and unite them.

Emerging from these early experiments in Moscow, INGVERIT was perfected in Switzerland through the meticulously selected ingredients and carefully crafted handmade manufacturing.

How to Serve

INGVERIT can be served in various forms. Some prefer it pure at room temperature. Some use it to enhance cocktails with a touch of ginger and citrus.


Some mix it with hot gianduja cream or frozen wild berries. When exposed to the harsh cold in which it was born, INGVERIT phases from a liquid state back into the semi-crystalline structure that served as the inspiration for its creation.

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